Narrow Hair Clip

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Handmade Narrow Hair Clip

Please note: Some of these are temporarily coming on silver clips instead of gold, but please be assured the quality is the same.

This narrow hair grip is perfect for pinning back small sections of hair, why not choose a couple and stack them together?

  • This clip is part of our OohLaLa! range, meaning it is handmade in France out of a strong resin material and is finished with a high quality steel clasp.
  • The clip has a small row of teeth inside to help it grip to the hair securely.
  • Our narrow clip is suitable for all hair types.
  • Use it to hold back small sections of hair at the side, clip side pieces at the back of the head, or stack a few together for added hold.

Onyx, White Tokio, Dark Tokio, Prada Style, Black Marble, Vanilla, Tortoiseshell


L x W: 6cm x 1cm

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