'Toulouse' 30cm Ponytail Hair Piece


This item is discontinued and replaced with 'CATWALK' 55CM PONYTAIL HAIRPIECE 


  • Elegance Collection By Balmain
  • Style: Toulouse (30cm Ponytail)
  • Hair piece set on a ‘C’ clip for quick and easy fitting
  • Made from ‘Memory Hair’: Can be repeatedly styled using heat up to 160 degrees, 20% lighter in weight than human hair, 18 times more resistant to UV light, Fade and moisture resistant, natural sheen that mimics real hair texture.
  • Hair pieces may be ordered in if they are out of stock, please email or call for special orders

What is the Ready to Wear Collection?

The Balmain Ready to Wear Collection are easy to maintain clip in/bend in hair pieces that come in 5 different styles, they are easy to instantly add to your updo to give it character and style. The Collection comes in 9 different colour blends to suit everyone?s colour, and because they are made of memory hair they can hold colour and curls better than human hair. You can add multiple pieces of the collection to create some outstanding wedding and photo shoot hairstyles.


Balmain Memory Hair

All Balmain Hair Elegance products are made from revolutionary artificial hair technology called 'Memory Hair'. It is 30% lighter than Human Hair so its much more comfortable to wear, its also as soft as human hair so blends well, Memory Hair holds its shine and colour for longer being 18x more resistant to UV light. Memory Hair can also be curled and straightened time after time with any styling tool up to 160 degrees centigrade/ 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Memory Hair cannot be coloured with chemical colour.


Included Within The Pack


A beautifully shaped instant ponytail in memory hair has a c clip for easy attachment, use it to create a perfect pony, or change into a knot or updo. Also included is full instructions on how to use the piece, this all comes in a high quality presentation packet.

Full instructions included.


Please Note: Due to monitors and screens being of different contrast and brightness actual colours of hair may differ from the visual images used on this website.

Colour Options:

Colour: Bright Blonde (Light Blonde)

Colour: Nordic Blonde (Light Blonde)

Colour: Champagne (Light to Mid Blonde)

Colour: Honey Blonde (Mid to Dark Warm Blonde)

Colour: Simply Brown (Light Brown)

Colour: Walnut (Light to Mid Brown)

Colour: Chocolate Brown (Mid to Dark Brown)

Colour: Dark Espresso (Dark Brown)

Colour: Mysterious Black (Black)

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