Feather Print Silk Scarf


Feather Print Silk Scarf

Ideal for a special gift for your loved ones, this is a simply elegant feather print scarf. It can be worn in many different ways to suit a range of personal styles. It can be worn as both a chic scarf and a fabulous hair accessory.  It comes in a range of different autumnal shades for an essential addition to your fall wardrobe. All of these scarves have gorgeous dark center aside from our mustard shade that has a gorgeous center of yellow gold, perfect for brightening up any outfit.  

The scarf is made of 80% Silk and 20% polyester.

Measuring 86cm square. 

Available in: Gold, Grey, Navy, Orange, Brown, Mustard

*Brown is discounted due to slight stain damage. Enquire for further details*

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