French Comb


French Comb

Authentic French hair style combs. Choose from six different styles: 

Detangling Comb

Great for use on damp or dry hair. You get the best of both worlds with a double row of teeth, the perfect inbetween a brush and comb. 21cm long.

Teasing Comb

Designed to create volume. With its dual length teeth and forked handle, this is great for perfecting a bee hive. 19cm long.

Tail Comb

A simple but classic design, made with your parting in mind! Also great for adding volume. 19cm long.

Handled Comb

Great for precise brushing and allows for a comfortable grip.

19cm Comb

Both sturdy and combines a fine tooth and a wide tooth, great for use on both dry and wet hair!

Waved Edge 20cm Comb 

Very sturdy comb, combining a fine tooth and a wide tooth. Great for use on both dry and wet hair! With a decorative wavy edge for good grip.