Autumn Hair Accessory Lookbook

Autumn Hair Accessory Lookbook

Autumn is a great time of year for fashion but, it can be easy to forget that dressing our hair in autumn is just as fun! Autumnal colours look beautiful in the hair and thankfully, warm neutral colours go with almost every hair colour. Claws, clips, headbands and hats are all great hair accessory collection staples in the autumn and winter months, so here is a few of our favourites to give you some inspiration.

Autumn Hair Accessory Lookbook

Autumn is a great time of year for fashion. As the days get colder, layering becomes more important and we start to choose warmer tones such as browns and oranges. Our winter boots begin to make their way back out of the cupboard and cosy knitwear is a must! But, amongst all the excitement about our clothes, it is easy to forget that dressing our hair in autumn is just as fun! Autumnal colours look beautiful in the hair and thankfully, warm neutral colours go with almost every hair colour. Claws, clips, headbands and hats are all essentials in hair accessory collections in the autumn and winter months, so here is a few of our favourites to give you some inspiration.


Hats aren't just for keeping you warm! They are a great way to finish an outfit and even add some colour. There are so many styles of hat that look amazing in the winter, there is definitely one out there for everyone.

Cloche Hat

A cloche is a bell-shaped hat which became popular in the 1920s. With the resurgence of the vintage fashion, cloche hats are back and are a great option in autumn. Our cloche hats come in a range of colours and feature embroidery, appliqués and even feathers

pink and purple cloche hats-hats-Tegen Accessories

Rain Hat

Rain hats are an essential for autumn and winter, especially in the UK where it could start raining at any moment! But, rain hats don't have to be plain! Our designs feature a range of colours and the addition of a feather, pin-tuck or flower can make the hat look so much more than something to simply keep you dry. They are also foldable meaning they will fit in your bag and you will never be caught out!

Water resistant velour feather brooch hat-waterproof hats-rain hat-Tegen Accessories


A beret is a soft, round hat which is often made of wool or wool felt. They are nice and warm for the colder months, whilst still making you look effortless and stylish. They can be worn in lots of different ways to suit your style, and come in so many different colours and patterns! 

Leopard print beret-checked monochrome beret-berets-hats-autumn hair accessories-Tegen Accessories


A fedora hat has a soft brim and an indented crown. They are traditionally worn formally, with a suit or professional attire. However, since coming back into fashion in more recent years, they have also become a casual accessory to be worn with your everyday outfits. They come in lots of colours and some feature the addition of embroidery, brooches or ribbons.

Grey fedora with red feather detail-hats-Autumn accessories-Tegen Accessories


Fabric headbands have become one of the biggest hair accessory trends of the year. Over the summer, we saw brightly coloured headbands in lots of vibrant patterns (see our summer accessories must-haves here), but now that summer is over we aren't quite ready to say goodbye to our headbands just yet! Our autumn/winter collection of fabric knot headbands means you can keep wearing these beautiful headbands all year round. We have chosen slightly darker or more muted colours such as brown, blush pink and monochrome, whilst keeping the lovely patterns, just like we saw in the summer.

Handmade leopard and stripe fabric knot headband-fashion headbands-Tegen Accessories

Handmade paisley print headband-black and white pattern headband-fabric knot headband-fashion headband-Tegen Accessories

Resin Hair Accessories

Another of the biggest hair accessory trends of the moment is resin hair accessories. Thankfully, here at Tegen, we have been loving resin hair accessories for years and years! Our French handmade accessories are all made from plant-based cellulose acetate (known as resin) which is very strong and durable, but also slightly flexible making the clips very comfortable to wear. They also come in a stunning range of unique patterns, which are created within the resin meaning they won't fade or rub away over time. All of the colours look beautiful all year round, but some are particularly suited to the autumn season! 
Dark tokio and white tokio look amazing with any hair colour and are great options for everyday wear as they go with almost everything. White tokio matches nicely with white or blonde hair, but also looks lovely contrasting with darker hair. 

Large floralie hair claw-narrow headband-white tokio-french handmade hair accessories-Tegen Accessories

Onyx has long been a firm favourite for many of you, and we definitely understand why! It is a beautiful mix of colours which, although very unique and different, seem to go perfectly with every hair colour and outfit. Clips in this colour suit everyday hairstyles, but can also be paired with a party-wear to create a beautiful formal look.

Beak Clip-onyx-French handmade hair accessories-Tegen Accessories

geometric barrette-onyx-French handmade hair accessories-Tegen Accessories

Tortoiseshell coloured accessories

Tortoiseshell accessories are an absolute must for autumn. They are perfect for everyday wear without having to worry about what you are matching them with, as they go with absolutely everything! Our French essentials range is made by the same family-run business who make our handmade accessories, and each clip is fitted with a strong steel spring ensuring you hair is held in place all day. They are perfect for throwing in your bag, or creating effortless styles for everyday wear.
Our Medium Loop Hair Claw is designed to hold the hair in an updo style, and is perfect for medium hair types, or people with lots of fine hair. 
The Octopus Thick Hair Claw is one of our bestselling claws for thick hair as the long teeth wrap underneath your bun or French twist to keep it under control all day long.

Medium Loop Hair Claw-Tortoiseshell-French essentials-Tegen Accessories

Octopus Thick Hair Claw-Tortoiseshell-French essentials-Tegen Accessories


The final accessory in our autumn look book is brooches. We have a wide selection of brooches, including Swarovski crystal embellished brooches and brooches designed by UK designer Rosie Fox. They look lovely attached to the collar of a warm autumn coat, and many of them even have hair clip attachments meaning they can be worn in the hair as well. Here are some of our brooches, which are especially great for halloween! 

Green Crystal Bat Brooch-Rosie Fox-Brooches-Crystal-Tegen Accessories

Sapphire Crystal and Pearl Spider Brooch-Rosie Fox-Brooches-Crystal-Tegen Accessories


So there you have our autumn hair accessory lookbook for 2019. We've covered hats, headbands, claws, French handmade resin hair accessories and even halloween themed crystal brooches! 

We would love to see what your favourite autumn hair accessories are, so tag us in your pictures on Facebook (tegenaccessories), Instagram (@tegenaccessories), or send them to! 

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