Everything You Need To Know About Banana Clips

Everything You Need To Know About Banana Clips

Banana hair clips have been a popular hair accessory for decades. They are versatile, easy to use, and can be worn in a variety of hairstyles. Whether you have long or short hair, straight or curly, there is a banana hair clip that will work for you.

If you are new to using banana hair clips, it may take a little practice to get the hang of it. However, once you have mastered the technique, you will find that they are a quick and easy way to create a variety of hairstyles. This blog goes into more detail on How to Use Banana Clips.

The History of Banana Clips

The banana hair clip, also known as a banana comb or a curved hair clip, is a hair accessory that is designed to hold hair in place. The origins of this hair clip can be traced back to the 1970s, when it became a popular accessory among women. The banana hair clip was designed to be functional and stylish, and it quickly became a must-have accessory for women who wanted to keep their hair in place.

The banana hair clip was originally made from plastic. Our French Handmade Banana Clips are handcrafted from cellulose acetate, a sustinable material which is strong and flexible. These clips are not made from plastic and are designed to last for years without damaging your hair.

Popularity Over Time

The banana hair clip has remained a popular accessory over the years, with many women still using it to hold their hair in place. In the 1980s, the banana hair clip became a popular accessory among young girls, who often wore brightly coloured clips with their hair in pigtails or braids.

In the 1990s, the banana hair clip fell out of fashion, as more minimalist hairstyles became popular. However, in recent years, the banana hair clip has made a comeback, with many women embracing its retro style.

Banana hair clips are also a great option for people who want to avoid using hair ties or elastic bands, which can cause damage to the hair over time. The clips provide a more gentle hold, reducing the risk of breakage or damage.

Benefits of Using Banana Hair Clips

Comfort and Convenience

Banana hair clips are designed to hold hair securely without causing any discomfort or pain. They are ideal for women who have long hair and want to keep it out of their face while working, exercising, or doing other activities. The clips are lightweight and do not pull or tug on hair, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.


Banana hair clips are versatile and can be used to create different hairstyles. They can be used to create a simple ponytail, or a half-up, half-down style. They are also suitable for women with different hair types, including curly, straight, and wavy hair. The clips come in different sizes and designs, making it easy to find one that suits your hair type and style.

Hair Health

Banana hair clips are gentle on hair and do not cause damage or breakage. Unlike other hair accessories, such as elastic bands or hair ties, banana hair clips do not put pressure on hair, which can cause hair to break or become damaged. Our banana clips are smoothed by hand to prevent rough edges which can damage the hair. They are also suitable for women who have fine or thin hair and want to avoid using hair accessories that can cause hair to break or become damaged.

In conclusion, banana hair clips are a versatile and stylish hair accessory that offer several benefits. They are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and suitable for different hair types and styles. Whether you are looking for a simple hairstyle or a more elaborate one, banana hair clips are a great option to consider! Please contact us if you would like any recommendations for your hair type.

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