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A banana clip is a simple hair clip which can be used to pull back your hair and secure it at the back of your head. These stylish clips made their debut in the 1980s, but in recent years they have made a comeback with appearances in New York Fashion Week. Keep reading for advice on how to choose the best type of banana clip for your hair, and how to create a beautiful and full ponytail hairstyle using your clip.


Banana Clip Styles

The main style banana clips are designed to create is a loose ponytail. They are a great way to make your ponytail look thick, full, and even longer. Smaller banana clips could also be used to create half-up styles, again making the ponytail look thicker. Due to the length of the clip and the spacing of the teeth, the hair is more evenly spaced along the clip which creates that full look which is more difficult to achieve when using a normal hair elastic. 


Banana Clip Hairstyles-How to use banana clips-Tegen Accessories

How to use banana hair clips

1. Brush all of your hair to the back of the head in a loose ponytail.

2. Place the opened clip underneath the ponytail with the spring at the bottom.

3. Close the teeth around the base of the ponytail.

4. Fasten the catch at the top by twisting it together.

5. Adjust the hair until you are happy with the look.

6. Finished! To create a half-up style, use the same method but only take the top layers of hair and leave the bottom layers down.

How to use banana hair clips-hair tutorial-Tegen Accessories

How to use in short hair

For shorter or finer hair styles, it is best to opt for a smaller banana clip such as the Small Round Banana Hair Clip from our signature French handmade collection. For fine hair, you will need a clip with teeth which are close together so they can grip the hair firmly and stop it from slipping throughout the day. 

Shorter bob hairstyles are likely to work best using banana clips for half-up styles, for example the Mini Banana Hair Clip, whereas shoulder length hair can create a full ponytail.

How to use in long hair

In longer or thick hair, go for a longer banana clip that can hold more hair, such as the Large Banana Hair Clip. Clips with more space between the teeth will work best for thick or curly hair types as it allows more hair to fit in the clip at once. A great example of this is the Thick Hair Banana Hair Clip from our French handmade collection.


Types of banana hair clip-How to use banana hair clips-Tegen Accessories

How to keep a banana clip from slipping

They best way to ensure your banana clip doesn't slip is to choose one that best fits your hair thickness. As outlined above, the thicker your hair is the larger clip you will need and the wider spaced the teeth should be. The finer your hair, the smaller the clip and closer the teeth should be. You can also help your clip to stay in place by using hairspray or texture spray, such as dry shampoo, in your hair before adding the clip. This will add grip and help your banana clip hairstyle to stay in place for longer.

If you have trouble holding your hair together when securing the clip, try tying your hair in a loose ponytail using a hair elastic, then secure the banana clip underneath the elastic and then pull it off to leave the hair in the clip.


Hairstyles using banana hair clips-How to use banana hair clips-Tegen Accessories

Now that you know the basics of how to use banana clips, you are always welcome to contact us for more information and personalised recommendations. We would love to help you find the perfect banana clip for you! If you are looking for other hair tutorials then take a look at our series of 'How To' hair guides on our Tegen Accessories YouTube channel.


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