Tegen Accessories

Here you'll find all of our in-house range of great value hair accessories. We have a wide range of hair basics, like elastic hair ties, scrunchies and kirby grips, plus some comfy headbands and bandeaus too. Many items come in a variety of colours - in both natural shades to blend in with your hair and brighter colours to add some extra fun into your look. Once you've got these basics covered, finish your look with some of our authentic French hair accessories, by shopping the French Handmade and Essentials range pages, where you'll find a wide range of hair claws, barrette clips and more, for all hair types.

Blonde Waved Hair Pins

£1.95 GBP£2.25 GBP

Brown Waved Hair Pins

£1.95 GBP£2.25 GBP

Gift Card

£10.00 GBP£100.00 GBP