What is the Tegen Promise?

The Tegen Promise is our promise to you that we will replace your product within 6-months to 1 year after purchase if the quality of your product is compromised within this time.

Our products are made with the highest quality materials and we have full faith in knowing that each individual product has been crafted to perfection from start to finish. We have a very strong relationship with our suppliers including our French manufacturer and his family after working with him for a number of years.

Our Guarantee includes a full replacement in instances of the following:

  • Loss of Swarovski Crystals
  • Damage to product spring
  • Breakage of product fastening mechanisms

1 Year Guarantee

1 Year Quality Guarantee | Tegen Promise | Tegen Accessories 

Our 1 Year Guarantee covers our French handmade products only. Our French handmade products are created with attention to the finest detail by craftsmen in a small village in France that have dedicated their lives to hand crafting hair accessories since the 1600s.

Because of this, we have complete trust in every hair accessory made. Every mechanism from clasps, to laser finished smooth edges are delicately perfected. Our hair accessories are made with a strong cellulose acetate resin which is not only seamless with securing the accessory in your hair but it is also found to reduce pressure headaches when worn as a headband in comparison to other materials.

In the unlikely chance that you experience any issues with your products within the first year after purchase, we will be more than happy to send out a replacement to you according to availability, a credit voucher or an alternative item of the same value.

6-Month Guarantee

6 Month Quality Guarantee | Tegen Promise | Tegen Accessories

Our 6-month guarantee covers all other products including the French Essentials Collection which are injection moulded using the same strong mechanisms as the French handmade collection but with a different material.

Our Swarovski Crystal Collection, Rosie Fox, ByEloise, Big Metal and Constance Halliday Clutch Bag Collections are all covered under this 6-month guarantee.

We want to reassure our lovely customers that should you experience any issues with your products within the first 6 months after purchasing we will be more than happy to send out a replacement to you according to availability, a credit voucher or an alternative item of the same value.

Maintenance Guide:

Please be aware that wear and tear can happen as the product ages but this can be prevented by following our maintenance guide:

To ensure that your accessories maintain their quality throughout its life you must take care of them. Our accessories are made to last, in order to keep the reflective shine of our cellulose acetate products you must avoid contact with chemicals, extreme heat, water, cosmetic products, and fragrances. We advise that you keep your French handmade accessories in its brushed cotton dust bag between wearing.

Products from our Swarovski Crystal, French Essentials, Rosie Fox, By Eloise, Big Metal and Constance Halliday Clutch bag Collections should also be taken care of in the same way to avoid damage. Including, keeping your accessories in a safe place between wearing.


    We will need a photo of your accessory sent to us for our records, to identify the issue and to be able to honour this guarantee. We are able to look up your order with the email address used to purchase so a receipt is not required. Products that have been modified in any way and products that have been damaged as a direct result of mishandling and failure to follow our maintenance guide, to properly take care of your accessories, will not be covered under the guarantee.