Hair Styling Combs & French Dressing Table Combs

Our stunning French Dressing Table Combs are made from the same high-quality cellulose acetate and finished with our signature ten-step process that ensures such smooth, hair-friendly edges. Our whole range of hairbrushes and combs are designed not to snag your hair, and to hold up against wear. These beautiful pieces look great on a dressing table or bathroom shelf, and with an ever-changing selection of colours and shapes, our French dressing table combs and styling combs make great collectables and gifts! Receive free UK Tracked delivery when you spend over £40, plus we offer an extended 90 day no fuss returns policy.



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Large Handled Comb Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories Large Handled Comb in Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories
Large Handled Comb
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French Dress Comb 10cm Colour 2 Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories french dress comb |Colour 3
15cm French Narrow Comb in 15cm Colour 8 Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories 15cm French Narrow Comb in Handmade French Hair Accessories at Tegen Accessories

French Hair Styling Combs

One of the best things about styling combs is their versatility – they can be used for most hair textures and lengths, whether you have short or long hair. They are great for cutting hair, creating neat parts, and for gently removing knots after brushing. Our best comb for styling hair is our Large Handled Comb which has a long narrow handle, perfect for creating immaculate partings and separating out sections of hair.

For everyday hairstyling, our 12cm French Narrow Comb or French Dress Comb make the perfect addition to your handbag or evening clutch – lots of our customers end up buying one for each! The cellulose acetate material our combs are made with makes for a sturdy, strong-toothed comb that simply glides through your hair. A wide-toothed styling comb-like our Large Handled Comb is also great for curly hair, and can be used on wet hair to style sections like your fringe without losing the set of your curls! Don’t forget to browse through our colour options we have a range of everything from classic tortoiseshell to bright pink!

If you are looking for a narrower toothed comb, or searching for something special to gift a loved one, our French Shark Comb is a beautiful, unique find with tons of character. Plus, it also works like a dream! 

Why not style up your perfectly combed hair afterwards, with one of our Chignon Pins or Banana Clips?