August 07, 2020 3 min read

We are excited to introduce our brand new range of vegan leather clutch bags by Constance Halliday. Each one is lovingly handmade, and the bags are each lined with beautiful patterned fabrics. To celebrate the new launch had a chat with the founder of Constance Halliday to find out more about the beautiful bags.

Blue Vegan Leather Clutch Bag-Tegen Accessories 

How did Constance Halliday begin?

My mum taught me to sew, and she was taught by her mum, so it’s a family tradition and we start young! They both had fabulous fabric collections, and I’ve loved using their vintage finds for linings for my bags. Constance Halliday was named after my mum’s mum, and I like to think the brand embodies some of her qualities. She always looked classy and well put-together, and people often commented on how well accessorised she was. She bought good quality timeless pieces, many of which I still wear.


What inspired you to start making bags?

I felt that there were so many occasions when you would use a clutch bag, but the ones I saw in stores and online were boring. They were almost always black with plain linings, and it seemed like a missed opportunity! I made a few for myself then friends requested them, and it spiralled from there!


What is the process of making the bags?

I am always on the look-out for interesting fabrics to line my bags with. I’ve picked up pieces on travels around the world, as well as dipping in to the vintage collections in my family. The lining is normally the starting point for bag. Once that’s chosen I look at it next to my range of vegan leathers and the right combination will normally make itself known! Once I’ve chosen fabrics I’ll enjoy sitting down to sew whilst listening to a range of podcasts. 

 Purple Clutch Bag-Space Lining    Black Clutch Bag-Flamingo Lining


What do you love most about them?

I love seeing what outfits customers style their bags with, but also the satisfaction they get when they open their bag and someone comments on how gorgeous the lining is!


What is your favourite way to style them?

My bags can be quite a conversation piece, and I think they stand out when paired with simple outfits, perhaps a pink clutch bag with a little black dress and heels.

Constance Halliday Clutch Bag Style    Constance Halliday Clutch Bag Style

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about them?

I really enjoy working on commissions – that might be lining a bag with some beautiful fabric you’ve found in a haberdashery shop, or a piece you’ve picked up on holiday, or an up-cycling project. It’s eco-friendly and so personal to give a second life to an item from you or a loved one. One of my favourite commissions was lining a clutch bag using the gingham that decorated a barn wedding. The husband commissioned it for his wife for an anniversary gift! Commissions are also really popular with brides and bridesmaids as you can line the bags with something of yours/your grooms/an item from a parent. It’s another way of making your wedding really special and unique to you.


Tegen Accessories Recommends...

Like hair accessories, a bag can really finish off an outfit. Here are some of our favourite hair accessories and clutch bag combinations:

The navy clutch bag, with a Raffia Boater Sun Hat with a navy ribbon is a great pairing for a day in the sun!

Navy Clutch Bag    Raffia Boater Sun Hat

The pink clutch bag with an accessory in black marble, such as the Wide Arched Barrette, great for a day-to-night outfit.

Fuchsia Cutch Bag     Wide Arched Barrette-Black Marble

The brown clutch bag with a Mini Swarovski Crystal Hair Claw is the perfect evening couple!

Brown Vegan Leather Clutch Bag     Mini Swarovski Crystal Hair Claw-Tortoiseshell

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