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Style Inspiration: Hair grip hairstyles!

Kirby grips, as we know them in the UK, are referred to as Bobby pins in the USA as they were invented in the 1920s when the bob hairstyle came into fashion. Both terms “bobbie pin” and “Kirbigrip” were originally trademark names until they found themselves in general use.

Dancer Irene Castle was the bob-cut trendsetter who started it all by cutting her hair for practicality in 1915.


How to use Kirby grips / Bobby pins:

It really is simple! Just hold your hair in the desired position, take your Kirby grip, and slide it into your hair wavy side down. Repeat this as many times as you need until you have the effect or style you are looking for. 

 how to use kirby grips-how to use bobby pins-Tegen Accessories


Types of Kirby grips / Bobby pins:

Kirby grips come in natural hair colours which can blend with your hair colour for a subtle or even hidden looks. They also come in bright colours, perfect for creating statement looks which stand out. They can be plain or bedazzled with jewels, sparkles and pearls. Neon Kirby grips are a great way to add a splash of colour to any outfit. They’re quick and easy to style and can make a plain outfit appear more fun and fresh.

You can easily turn a plain Kirby grip into a stylish fashion accessory by wearing it in unusual and innovative shapes.



Quick and simple Kirby grip / Bobby pin hairstyles:

kirby grip hairstyles-itsdonnalianne

Instagram / @itsdonnalianne

Use a few grips to pin back a side section of your hair. This style looks especially great in curly and voluminous hair.


kirby grip hairstyles-maryh

Instagram /

Finish off a plait or braid with Kirby grips instead of a hair elastic for something a little more special. Use small kirby grips in fine hair and long kirby grips in medium and thick hair.


kirby grip hairstyles-hollydecastri

Instagram / @hollydecastri

This zig zag design is effortless to create, looks amazing, and keeps your hair off your face! Another perfect style for any hair type!


Here’s a selection of Kirby grips available from Tegen Accessories:

 Blonde kirby grips-bobby pins-Tegen Accessories    Brown kirby grips-bobby pins-Tegen Accessories

Basic Kirby Grips in Blonde and Brown

Basic Kirby grips are an essential in any hair accessory collection. They can be used to pin back fly-aways, secure buns, create sleek ponytails and so much more. For a subtle look, match the grips to your hair colour, or go for a colour that contrasts with your hair for a more stand-out look.


 Crystal Star Hair Slide-Tegen Accessories    Crystal Star Hair Slides-Tegen Accessories

Swarovski Crystal Star Hair Slide

For something a little more glitzy, try a Kirby grip set with crystals. These star hair slides are hand set with Swarovski colours in a range of bright colours.


Pretty pearl flowers hair slides-Tegen Accessories

Pretty Pearl Flower Hair Slides

Pearls are a timeless classic which add a touch of glamour to a sleek hair style. Use them to clip back side sections of hair with a low-ponytail or bun. Or, simply stack two on one side of the hair for an effortless style.


 Pearl and Crystal Leaf Hair Slide-kirby grips-bobby pins-Tegen Accessories

Pearl and Crystal Leaf Hair Slide

Combining elegant pearls and sparkling crystals, this beautiful hair slide would be perfect for dressing up any outfit, or even for special occasions such as weddings and parties.


Over 90 years on and they're still going strong, the Bobby pin/Kirby grip is an essential item for any girl’s styling arsenal. From toddler to Granny, the Kirby grip has never let us down.

May we continue to find them stuck in the hoover, scattered over our bedroom floors, in pockets everywhere and cherished by all for centuries to come.

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