The 3 Best Hair Looks on the BAFTAs Red Carpet

The 3 Best Hair Looks on the BAFTAs Red Carpet

With the award season in full swing, it's only fitting that we take a closer look at some of the standout styles from the glamorous BAFTA Awards 2024. From loose, wavy buns to sleek side partings, the red carpet was a showcase of impeccable hairstyles that left us in awe.

The Voluminous High Bun Trend

One hairstyle that stole the show was the voluminous high bun, demonstrated by the stunning Emily Blunt. The elegance and sophistication of this hairstyle are undeniable, but before you reach for those elastic hair ties that may cause damage, consider the 6x small chignon pins or a small hair claw. These accessories not only secure the bun with style but also keep your hair healthy and damage-free. Keep on top of the trends with hair accessories that are designed to care for your hair.

The Popular Sleek Side Part

Slick side part looks graced the red carpet, as seen on Florence Pugh which created a visually satisfying and bone structure-enhancing effect. At Tegen Accessories, we couldn't help but imagine elevating these styles with a touch of glamour. We would recommend a Crystal Barrette to complement a diamond necklace or a chic narrow clip for a subtle yet impactful accent.

The Bob Revolution

Bobs have been a global trend, and the BAFTAs were no exception. With the spotlight on soft, bouncy bobs, Carey Mulligan's short bob was styled to one side. To enhance the classic bob, consider adding a narrow headband. This simple accessory can effortlessly elevate the look, turning a timeless hairstyle into a contemporary masterpiece.

From classic buns to modern bobs, the evening celebrated creativity in the world of hairstyling. Whether you opt for a voluminous bun, a sleek side part, or a chic bob, remember that the right accessory can elevate your hairstyle to a new level.

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