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Barrette clips are usually made from metal and are finished with a plastic or resin topper for decoration. The clip on a barrette is secured with a clasp which is opened by pressing the two metal pieces either side of it. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, from arched barrettes to much slimmer, flat styles. 

The following article will show you how to create two simple but elegant hairstyles using barrette clips, as well as how to choose the best style to suit your hair.

Barrette Clip Hairstyles

There are lots of hairstyles you can create using a barrette clip. The first is a French twist, where you secure the barrette slightly above the thickest part of the twist to keep it in place. You could also use a barrette for a low ponytail, half-up styles, or even just to hold smaller side pieces of hair.

Barrette hairstyles-Tegen Accessories

How to use a Barrette Clip

Low Ponytail:

  1. Press metal pads either side of the clasp to open the clip.
  2. Gather the hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  3. Slip the bottom part of the clip under the ponytail until the clasp comes out at the other side.
  4. Clamp the top of the clip down over the ponytail and push clasp together to secure.

French Pleat:

  1. Press the metal pads either side of the clasp to open the clip.
  2. Gather all of the hair at the nape of the neck and twist.
  3. Bring the twist up so it's flat against the head and tuck in any loose ends.
  4. Push the bottom part of the clip under the twist, just above the thickest part, until it comes out the other side.
  5. Clamp the top of the clip over the twist and fasten the clasp to secure.

Barrettes for Fine Hair

Finer hair types usually suit flat barrette styles as they clasp the hair securely to prevent slipping. For French pleat styles, an 8cm Small Barrette is a great option, as well as the 6cm Mini Barrette for very fine hair. For lots of fine hair, or more textured hair, you may need an arched style to allow more space for the hair. 

For low ponytail styles, choose a barrette clip size based on the thickness and amount of hair you have. For lots of fine hair, or textured fine hair, you may need an arched style or an 8cm Small Barrette. For very fine hair, try something smaller like the Mini Rectangle Barrette or 6cm barrette.
In half-up styles, you will need something flat and a smaller clip than the one you would use to do a full up-do hairstyle. The Narrow Bar Barrette is long, but very slim so is perfect for this style. 

Often fine hair can be very silky and slippery, so if you find your clip slips a little throughout the day you could use some hairspray or texture spray before adding the clip to help keep it in place for longer.


Barrettes for Thick Hair

Arched barrette clips are the best style for thick, long or textured hair. The arched shape means there is plenty of space inside the clip to hold lots of hair. When using a barrette to secure a French pleat, clip the barrette just above the thickest part of the twist so it will fit comfortably round the hair. There are three arched barrettes in our French handmade collection, all with the same size clip, but with wide, regular, or narrow cellulose acetate toppers.

Flatter styles, such as the 8cm Barrette, can still be used in thick hair to hold smaller sections at the side, or half-up styles.

Hopefully this has helped give you some inspiration for how to style barrette clips, and how to choose the best style for your hair. However, if you would like more information, advice or personalised recommendations just get in touch


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