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How to Style Long Thick Hair with Accessories

A review of the best suited hair accessories for Long Thick Hair. Our aim is to identify the best hair accessories to help you style your hair and tame that mane in the most stylish of ways.

Although we have collections for Thick Hair and Long Hair separately, there is an overlap of the two where many of our hair accessories are perfect for both! The most important thing about styling long or thick hair is to use hair accessories with long and wide teeth to be able to grasp a large amount of hair in a firm and secure way.



The best shaped accessories to opt for if you are styling Long  or Thick hair are accessories with great depth and long teeth in Claws, curved or wavy teeth in Combs  and arched Barrettes


The Octopus Thick Hair Claw is one of our most popular accessories for Long and Thick hair because it has such a wide grasp and can securely hold most amounts of hair first time with no trouble. The Octopus Hair Claw is known for its unusual round shape which is perfect for securing buns and French twists. The Large Jurassic Hair Claw has also been designed with Long Thick Hair in mind and secures with a firm grip.



The Curved Hair Claw for Thick Hair  was designed with unruly thick hair in mind, and with its curved shape, and wide grasp, it holds a large amount of long and heavy hair. The Curved Hair Claw can be used in creating a French Twist hairstyle as well as a Half-up style, it is the most versatile accessory for those with lots of heavy hair. The Flower Hair Claw For Long Hair has a similar curved shape and great depth which is designed to perfectly hold long hair lengths.

The Medium Rectangle Cut Out Hair Claw also has a wide grasp and is perfect for thick hair.

Other Hair Claws that are perfect for holding a long hair are the Handmade Large Hair Claw and the Essentials Large Tortoiseshell Hair Claw, with firmly overlapping teeth, this claw is great for holding extra long hair in an elegant up-do.




If you are looking to create a hair bun, there are also a variety of hair accessories that you can do that with, that will not damage your long thick hair! The Small Square Hair Claws  and Large Square Hair Claws are crafted with Long Thick hair in mind. This is shown by their long curved teeth that perfectly work to secure your up-do.

Firstly you need to twist your hair into a bun (this can be a low bun or a bun on top of your head) then secure around the bun with as many Square Hair Claws as you need. Two Large or Three Small are usually enough depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The Two Prong Thick Hair Claws and the 2x Long Teeth Hair Claws from the Essentials Collection can also be used in a similar way to secure a bun and create this look.




There are a variety of Hair Combs suitable for Long Thick hair types. This includes the Curved French Pleat Comb which is the perfect accessory to secure a French pleat. Alternatively, the Small Thick Hair Side Comb and the Large Thick Hair Side Comb were specifically designed to secure thicker hair types with the waved teeth design for comfort and a firm grip. The 12cm French Pleat Comb is another perfect comb for your long thick hair type. 



When choosing a Hair Barrette for Long and Thick hair types, we recommend choosing a curved or arched shape barrette which holds more hair. We have a variety of shapes from Narrow Arched, to Arched Barrettes  and Wide Arched Barrettes. Depending on the thickness of your hair you can decide which arch shape will best hold your hair thickness. The thicker your hair, the wider the arch should be.



We are going to let you into a little secret when it comes to choosing which hair accessories will perfectly secure your hair. The secret is to look at not only the shape and the teeth, but the quality of your accessories to make your decision. 

Especially when styling Long Thick hair, cheap lower-end accessories will be more likely to snap and break when they are regularly stretched to hold a large volume of hair.  However, at Tegen Accessories, our French collections including our French Handmade and French Essentials collections are both made with the most durable and robust mechanisms with strong steel springs and a firm grip. This is why they are ideal for securing even the thickest of hair.

The French Handmade Collection goes one step further being fully made from a flexible material called Cellulose Acetate which in itself is made to bend and accommodate a volume of hair. This is when quality certainly outweighs quantity.



If you have Thick hair that is not Long, check out our Hair Accessories for Thick Hair Collection.

If you have Long hair that is not Thick, check out our Hair Accessories for Long Hair Collection.