April 08, 2020 2 min read

New Launch: Navy Fossil - New Colour For Ooh La La!

Some of you may have already noticed an all new colour in some of your favourite French handmade hair accessories. We have introduced the beautiful colour, Navy Fossil, into our core collection! A dark navy mixed with shades of grey and blue, this new colour is an updated version of old favourite Midnight Blue.

Navy Fossil looks lovely in dark hair as it has a neutral style whilst also adding a subtle pop of colour. It also creates a beautiful contrast in lighter hair which really makes the blue stand out.

Take a look at the collection so far:

    Navy Fossil Collection-Tegen Accessories    Navy Fossil Collection-Tegen Accessories

Small Hair Claw-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories
Small Hair Claw - Perfect for half-up styles in most hair types.

Wide Arched Barrette-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories
Wide Arched Barrette - Perfect for medium to thick hair types.

20mm Headband-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories  Narrow Bar Barrette-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories
20mm Headband - for all hair types & Narrow Bar Barrette - for fine hair.

Medium Hair Claw-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories
Medium Hair Claw - Perfect for updo or half-up styles in most hair types.

8cm Small Barrette-Navy Fossil  10.5cm Oval Barrette-Navy Fossil
8cm Small Barrette & 10.5cm Oval Barrette - for most hair types to create half up styles, or updo styles in fine to medium hair.

Medium Sophia Side Claw-Navy Fossil-Tegen Accessories
Medium Sophia Side Hair Claw - ideal for creating an updo in lots of fine hair or medium to thick hair types.

So far these beauties have certainly been popular! We have styles for all hair types, from fine to thick and everything in between. Keep an eye out for new additions to our collection of Navy Fossil accessories, we hope you like them! 

As always, you are welcome to contact us for personalised recommendations and advice for finding the perfect hair accessory for you

Shop the full French handmade collection here.

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