November 03, 2017

“I’m passionate about colour, texture and attention to detail, pull these elements together and you can create something loveable and quite irresistible!” 

- Powder Design Director Lisa Beaumont


powder designs katie hat


When the time comes to don the winter layers and dig deep for hats and scarves, most of us desire a balance of keeping ourselves cosy and warm, whilst still possessing the ability to look just that little bit stylish. With winter on the way, many will find themselves rummaging through wardrobes in an attempt to find their much loved winter accessories that haven’t seen the light of day for most of the year. Each year at Tegen, we take it upon ourselves to find our customers the finest in accessories, and when it comes to the colder seasons, designs are all about luxury. We love the handcrafted feel and richness of comforting winter fabrics such as wool and suede.
One of our favourite designers perfect for the season is Powder. Formed in 2009 by award winning Design Director Lisa Beaumont, Powder has received wide-spread recognition for creating unique accessories that are loved by women worldwide. Born and raised in Edinburgh, Lisa Beaumont began working within the design industry from an early age, beginning her career crafting furniture exclusively for Liberty and Peter Jones. She spent the following years dedicating her time to designing her own brands and Powder has since become a well-known name within UK fashion retailers over the last 30 years.
Powder’s design approach is both clever and sophisticated - their designs both luxurious and elegant offer traditional styles with a contemporary twist. They pride their collection as being ‘effortlessly feminine, evoking both glamour and fun’. Each individual accessory comes with beautifully crafted bespoke packaging, making them a perfect gift whether you’re shopping for yourself or a friend. And after all, Christmas is all about treating yourself!

To take a look at our fantastic range of Powder products currently available below click here


powder designs katie hat tegen accessories

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