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Rock & Ruddle: Colourful, Natural Bristle Hairbrushes

If you are struggling to find a hairbrush that can handle knots and tangles without breaking or pulling on your hair, Rock & Ruddle brushes are the answer! These colourful brushes are made with natural bristles that are kind to your hair meaning they are perfect for tangle-prone hair. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Rock & Ruddle brushes, why we love them, and how to care for them.

Rock & Ruddle-natrual bristle hairbrush collection-Tegen AccessoriesRock & Ruddle-Flamingo hairbrush-Tegen Accessories

Natural vs. synthetic bristles 

Natural bristle brushes work well because the bristles resemble our own hair. They have tiny scales which spread the natural oils produced in the scalp down each hair. This helps to condition the hair making it more healthy and shiny. The bristles also help to keep the hair clean as they pick up dirt and excess oils as they brush through it. 
Natural bristles are great for people with fine hair as they are gentle and minimise breakage. They are also perfect for smoothing wavy, curly or thick hair as they condition the hair and minimise frizz.

Synthetic bristles are usually made from nylon, are perfect for detangling easily and do not create as much static in the hair. They work particularly well in thick hair due to their ability to detangle effectively. 

Rock & Ruddle brushes combine the qualities of natural and synthetic bristles by creating brushes which feature both, as there is one nylon tip in each natural boar bristle cluster. The mixed bristle brushes are great for all hair types as they are gentle in fine hair whilst managing to detangle thick hair, leaving it shiny and smooth.

Rock & Ruddle-natural bristle hairbrush-Tegen Accessories

Unique and fun designs!

Rock & Ruddle brushes come in a wide range of amazing designs. From subtle black and white stripes, to bright toucan and flamingo illustrations and animal prints. There is a design for everyone, of any age! 

The brushes also come in two sizes: small and large. The small size is perfect for children, or if you want a brush to keep in your handbag to use on the go, whilst the large brush is great for use at home and works particularly well for people with lots of thick or long hair. 

Rock & Ruddle-natrual bristle hairbrush-Tegen Accessories

Caring for your brush

Rock & Ruddle-natrual bristle brush-rubber pad close up-Tegen AccessoriesThe Rock & Ruddle brushes use rubber pads to hold the bristles as they don't pull on the hair. They are also removable making the brushes easier to clean. It is important to clean your brush to keep it fresh and able to look after your hair, and to help the brush to last longer.
To wash your brush, remove the rubber pad and take out any old hair from the bristles. Then dip the bristles in soapy water, rinse thoroughly with cold water and towel dry to soak up any excess water. You should avoid submerging the whole brush in water to ensure water does not get trapped behind the rubber pad. 

Now that you know the benefits of mixed bristle brushes, you'll never look back! Let us know in the comments which Rock & Ruddle design you've got your eye on. You can shop our Rock & Ruddle collection below!


Rock & Ruddle hairbrush collection 



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