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Summer Hairstyle Guide & Inspiration

As the sun makes an appearance, so does the Summer hairstyles. From twists and braids, to buns and ponytails, we have the perfect selection of hair accessories to dress your hair.

As the sun starts to make an appearance, so does the Summer hairstyles. Summer hairstyles need to be stylish yet functional as heat and humidity rises. From twists to braids, we have the perfect selection of new styles to dress you hair with your hair accessories.

We all have a go-to style that is our number one, but wouldn’t it be fun to explore the world of hairstyles and to create the easy Summer styles that look more complex than they are in reality.

All you need is a bit of inspiration and the knacks to pull them off ourselves and we want to help you do that! 


1) Banana Clip Ponytail


Banana Clip Summer Hairstyle Tegen Accessories

We all know that when you are feeling a bit hot in the Summer sun you want your hair up and away from your face and neck so why not try the quick and easy banana clip style? It is both effortless, kind to your hair and the stylish alternative to a basic hair band ponytail.

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You may also like this blog which goes into more detail about how to wear a Banana Clip for your hair length.


2) Half-up Bun

Twisted Bun Summer Hairstyle using Tegen Accessories Curved French Pleat Comb

This style is perfect for those Summer days that you want to make an extra effort, perfect for special occasions.

This hairstyle is created by twisting both sides of the front section of your hair and then turning them into a bun and securing with a Curved French Pleat Comb.

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Why not try with a Chignon Pin like this:

Half-up Hairstyle using Tegen Accessories Chignon Pin



3) Twisted Crown Half-up Style

Twisted Crown Summer Hairstyles Tegen Accessories

(Or try Braided Crown Style)

Crown Braid Hairstyle for Summer Tegen Accessories

The twisted Crown and Braided Crown styles are soaring in popularity in 2021 with trendsetters such as Shay Michell and Brie Larson rocking this fashionable style.This simple yet stunning Summer hairstyle is created by curling your hair and twisting the front sections of your hair away from your face on either side and secured in the middle at the back of your hair with a claw clip. Why not also try this style using a Barrette to secure the braid?

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4) Chignon Style


Summer Hairstyle using Tegen Accessories

Creating a bun using Chignon Pins couldn’t be simpler. Here is a video demonstration of how to create a half-up using a Chignon Pin. This same technique is used if you want to secure all of your hair too. Do bare in mind that two pins may be needed to secure thick heavier hair types. This style also uses two Large Thick Hair Side Combs to complete the look.

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For more detail see our blog on How to use Chignon Pins>


5) Side braid

Hair Braid using Tegen Accessories Hair Claw

Why not take your braid to the next level by securing it with a Hair Claw?

Hair Claws are not just for holding your hair up, they can also be used in innovative ways to secure your hair braid too. Our Hair claws have an extra strong grip which makes your style even more secure. Why not finish off your look with a Sun Hat?

Braids are low-maintenance, simple and effortless but really do elevate your look. Braids also require minimal upkeep throughout the day and work perfectly to keep your hair in one place away from your face and neck as the humidity starts to rise, ultimately cooling you down and looking stylish at the same time.

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6) Bubble Braids

Bubble Braid Summer Hairstyles using Tegen Accessories Barrettes

Bubble Braids were initially popular when created with scrunchies, you can create this look using our collection of ByEloise Heart Charm Silk Scrunchies. Alternatively, you can create this style in a new innovative way using a selection of Barrettes. We have created this look using 8cm Small Barrettes from the Spring | Summer 21 Collections.

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There are so many styles you can create with hair accessories. Shop our French Handmade Collection for our luxury signature range. You can also shop our exclusive French Essentials Collection here.