From the Quechua meaning “Refined Earth”, Alpachura pride themselves for their originality and high-quality products and designs, with handmade pieces crafted by communities across France, Spain and Latin America. Our Alpachura collection offers an array of exquisite hats and accessories, in traditional Autumn colours, rich textures and impeccable styles. Each hat is 100% wool felt, made by hand with wooden moulds and tinted with natural colours. All products are a limited edition and are ideal if you're looking for a unique, handcrafted item. Alpachura blends contemporary styles with a retro twist and their hats are a perfect accessory to top off any outfit, no matter what the occasion for any time of the day or evening. Their hats are ideal as a gift for a friend or even just as a treat for yourself, so visit our online shop or take a peak at the store to view our fabulous collection of Alpachura hats.