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Are you often wearing your hair tie on your wrist?! If yes, then these fabulous charm hair elastics are for you! If not, then I'm sure you know someone that does, and then their next Birthday or Christmas present is sorted! These hairbands were designed by two Scandinavian mums who saw a need for fun, yet high-quality hair ties and these charm hairbands are what they came up with, and here at Tegen Accessories, we just love them! The hairbands not only look great in the hair, but have the added benefit of looking just as good on your wrist as a bracelet, and you will then always have a hair tie to hand, what a great idea, hay?! There are colours and charms for everyone, from metallics and neon hairbands and starfish and bee charms, they even do a luxurious velvet hair tie too, so take a look through and start your collection today.