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Super easy, super quick hairstyles for lazy girls

So you’ve woken up late, you’re in a rush and perhaps you should have washed your hair yesterday. For some (like me), this happens more often than not…

So you’ve woken up late, you’re in a rush and perhaps you should have washed your hair yesterday. Maybe you just can’t be bothered. We’ve all been there! For some (like me), this happens more often than not…

Learning how to use basic hair accessories in clever ways ensures chic, effortless style in no time. They’re called the basics for a reason: they work. In this post, I’ll share some lazy-girl-approved tips to ensure you’re getting the most out of your basics. You can shop our full range here.

Luckily for us lazy girls, there’s no need to wake up early when we’re armed with these time saving hair hacks! 


The Perfect Pony.

Start with two basic elastics: one should be thin and one should be fairly chunky (in fact, the chunkier the better as this will add more volume. These ones are super strong and work wonders.)

The trick is to section off the top of the hair and use the thin elastic to tie that into a small ponytail. This creates volume at the top of the head without the need to back comb. Position this smaller ponytail where you’d like the finished one to sit. Then incorporate the rest of the hair around the first ponytail with the chunky elastic. Pulling this hair tight creates a flattering shape and because you have used two elastics, your hair in the ponytail should look thicker. Mess the sides up a little and you’re good to go!


The Messy Bun.

This style is a failsafe way to hide a multitude of hair sins. The secret to making it easy is to use spiral hair pins (like these) instead of an elastic. Simply pull your hair into a ponytail and twist it around itself to create the bun shape. Take the first pin and twist it into the front of the bun, then take the second and twist it into the back and thats it! The pins will be hidden in the hair and keep the bun in place all day.


A French Twist.

This one may take practise but after you’ve tried it a few times, you can put your hair up in seconds, using a single chignon pin. Twist the length of your hair and then fold it upwards along the back of your head. If you have longer hair, you may need to fold the ends down to avoid them poking out the top. Once this is done, fold the twist, tucking it under one of the sides. Take the chignon pin and slide the ends through the hair twist. At this point, make sure its facing the opposite way to the curve of your head. Lever the pin round and push it into your hair - this will tuck the twist under and secure it!


Half Up, Half Down.

This style is so quick and effortless. All you need is a small barrette. We love these French Handmade ones as they are the perfect size and give a very polished look. The first step is optional: back comb the hair at the top and sides of the head for added volume. Loosely section the hair at the sides of your head and take them round to the back. Pinch these, along with the hair at the back of your head and twist once to keep them together. Move the twist up the back of the head slightly to give height and volume, then secure it with the barrette.


The styles above all work best with hair that has been left a day without washing (or even longer!) for that perfect, lived-in texture. On days where even these styles seem too much, you can’t go wrong with our Ooh La La! range. These chic handmade hair accessories are basics that go the extra mile. Try one of our Floralie Hair Claws to clip your hair into a messy up-do when all else fails.

Stock up on your basics and make bad hair days a thing of the past!