March 05, 2016 2 min read

Have you been thinking about experimenting with your hairstyle? Determined to master the classic chignon? Well, you're in luck: we've put together this video demonstrating how to wear some of our most popular French clips.

First, Steph shows us how to create a French twist with one of our lovely vanilla 10cm side combs. As you can see, to create this look simply twist the hair up tightly and tuck in the ends. Then turn the comb so the curve faces away from the head and push through the very top part of the twist. Lastly, flip the comb and push firmly back into the hair over so the teeth are sitting close to the back of the head. Easy!

If your hair is thick, we have a selection of combs with thicker, wavy teeth, or you can also create easy French twists with our hair claws or chignon pins.

Next up, Steph shows us a pretty updo created with our Rose Renaissance arched barrette. First gather the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and twist a few times. Fold the ponytail back up on itself and hold up against the head. The simply open the barrette and secure it over the folded ponytail, making sure to get the metal clasp as close to the end as possible to keep it secure. 

Lastly, Steph demonstrates a classic half up half down look with one of our Swarovski hair bow barrettes - perfect for special occasions! Simply grasp two small sections from the front of the head and pull back to get each other at the back of the head. Then secure with the barrette! 

All of our Ooh La La! handmade French hair accessories are made from a beautiful and flexible resin, which will outlast cheap plastic hair accessories by years and years. Also, as the design has been created inside the sheets of resin rather than painted on afterwards, the clips have a wonderful depth of colour which won't fade or chip. 

Shop all of our Ooh La La range here!

As seen in the video:


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