Fall in Love With Your Natural Hair Using Hair Accessories

Fall in Love With Your Natural Hair Using Hair Accessories

Give your hair the love it deserves this Valentines day and forever more! Embrace your natural hair using hair accessories!

As we get older our hair loses some of its elasticity and it becomes brittle as a result of reduced sebum oil production. There are many steps that you can take to prevent hair breakage and keep your luscious locks in the best possible condition. Give your hair the love it deserves this Valentines day and forever more!

Firstly with healthy eating and lifestyle changes you can help to keep your hair hydrated giving it the best opportunity to stay healthy. You can find out more in our blog article ‘How To Get Healthy Hair Naturally’. Choosing hair care products, oils and serums that protect your hair from heat and damage is also very important.

Embracing Your Natural Hair

Women have increasingly been embracing naturally grey or silver hair. With the closures of hair salons during the lockdown, more and more women have grown out their silver roots and suited their empowering new style of a natural look.

By ditching the hair dye you are already taking much better care of your hair so why stop there? This is why you should opt for healthy hair accessories that have smooth edges that glide into your hair and reduce hair breakage. 


Healthy Hair Accessories Preventing Damage

Our collection of French Handmade Hair Accessories are hand polished, free from sharp edges and are made from a lightweight material Cellulose Acetate which prevents tension and discomfort.



We have so many colourways that perfectly compliment grey hair, including Onyx and Opal. If you are looking for more of a contrast, Stained Glass and Magenta Mottle are also popular colours that boldly stand out in grey hair to create an eye-catching style. 


Our Grey and Clear ranges of Essential Hair Accessories blend perfectly into your up-do which draws more attention to your style in a subtle way than a statement piece if this is more the look you are wanting to create. 




It has been proven that materials such as silk are much kinder to hair and prevents the tension that leads to thinning. This is why we stock a range of Silk Scrunchies in a variety of colours.





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