Hair Health & Natural Hair Styling: How To Comb & Dry Your Hair

Hair Health & Natural Hair Styling: How To Comb & Dry Your Hair

A guide to healthy methods of combing & drying your hair.

Hair Health & Natural Hair Styling: How To Comb & Dry Your Hair

Combing Wet Hair

Every small detail of your hair brushing and drying routine impacts hair health, from the method by which you detangle your locks to the very materials your comb is made from. Cheaper plastics with jagged, ill-placed seams can snag your hair and lead to snapping. Smooth edged, lighter materials such as cellulose acetate glide through the hair significantly reducing the likelihood of damaging your hair. Our French Comb Collection is perfect for softly removing tangles while your hair is still wet, or preventing the build up of tangles when your hair is dry. The wide set teeth avoid snagging and feel great on on your scalp.

french combs

It is important to brush the scalp as well as the lengths of your hair to stimulate circulation under the skin, which in turn helps your hair to grow quicker and healthier. Chances of hair breakage are at their highest when the hair is wet. This is due to the the moisture providing temporary elasticity that can lead to tearing the fibres of your hair when over stretched by harsh hair brushing. We recommended you detangle the ends of your hair first before pulling your comb all the way through the lengths of your hair, working from the bottom to the top to avoid breakages near the roots which can lead to flyaway hairs.  

Wet Hair Styles

Heat is another threat to hair health. Why not give your hair a day off? We have rounded up some overnight wet hair styles that you can use to dry your hair naturally, and wake up with a lovely hair style. We recommend you dry your hair 75% before using these hair styles to allow your hair to fully dry and set the style overnight, and to avoid a soggy pillow.

Soft Curls

For soft curls, we recommend sleeping with French Plaits. You can secure these with our French Essential Mini Hair Claws or Hairbands. We particularly recommend our By Eloise Silk Scrunchies, as silk naturally discourages frizz.

by eloise silk scrunchie

Beach Waves 

For Beach Waves, we recommend arranging your hair into a messy low chignon or bun using a chignon pin. To find out how to create a chignon, click here.

chignon pin onyx tegen accessories

Wet Hair Morning Hairstyles: Ponytail 

Alternatively, if you prefer to wash your hair in the morning, slightly damp hair is perfect for combing your hair back into a ponytail, and can leave some satisfying comb textures as you do! Finish your look with the Tegen Ponytailer, or to avoid tension on your hair even more, secure with a Banana Clip.

banana clip ponytail 

Slicked Back Short Hair

For Short Hair, we are loving the slicked back look. Use a French Comb to position the hair how you wish then set it with some hairspray or gel. Finish your look with a couple of Snap Clips or a Swarovski Hair Slide.

short slicked back hair swarovski hair slide tegen accessories

Happy hair brushing! Please share any wet hair styling with us on our instagram @tegenaccessories or email us your photos at

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