Five Ways To Wear A Scrunchie

Five Ways To Wear A Scrunchie

Scrunchies are back in a big way, and we love it! They are a great way to transform your hairstyle and we love matching a scrunchie to our outfit to tie the look together. 

Scrunchies are back in a big way, and we love it! Originally a hair accessory staple in the 80's and 90's, scrunchies are a great way to transform your hairstyle. We love matching a scrunchie to our outfit to tie the look together, and in the times we're living in you could even match your scrunchie to your face mask! They are perfect for creating a comfortable ponytail, but why stop there? Here are five ways to wear a scrunchie!

1. Ponytail

Of course, we have to start with the most popular way to wear a scrunchie, the classic ponytail. Whether it's a playful high-ponytail or a sleek low-ponytail, a scrunchie will add an extra something special to your look. Don't forget to use texturising spray (or even dry shampoo!) to create an effortless messier look, or a little gel or hairspray to achieve the perfect sleek pony.

Ponytail with a scrunchie-Tegen Accessories

2. Ponytail with a twist...

Why stop at one scrunchie?! For a statement twist on the classic ponytail add a second scrunchie! Put your hair in a half-up ponytail using your first scrunchie, then gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and secure with your second scrunchie. Use thick styles such as our Handmade Duchess Satin Scrunchies for a statement look, and two contrasting colours can make this look even more vibrant!

Double Scrunchie Ponytail-Tegen Accessories

3. Half-Up

This simple style is a great way to get your hair out of your face if you're someone who still likes to wear most of their hair loose. Pull the top layers of hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, or go for a high top-knot bun for a fun 90's hairstyle. We find a slimmer scrunchie such as our Heart Charm Silk Scrunchie works best in most hair types due to the smaller amount of hair.  

Half-Up Ponytail-Top Knot-Scrunchies-Tegen Accessories

4. Plait

Decorate your hairstyle with a scrunchie at the base or the end (or both!) of your plait. For a subtle look go for a slimmer scrunchie, but if it's drama you're looking for go for a voluminous one! If you find your scrunchie is a little too large at the end, tie a basic hair elastic in place first and then loop the scrunchie over the top to help it stay in place.

Side Plait with Scrunchie-Tegen Accessories


5. Bun Hairstyles

Whilst a scrunchie is a lovely way to decorate a bun hairstyle, it is also a great way to keep all of the loose ends of hair in place and hidden! Pop a large scrunchie around ready-secured your bun to decorate, or secure your bun with a slimmer style.

Bun hairstyles with a scrunchie-Tegen Accessories 

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