The 5 Best Ponytail Hairstyles

The 5 Best Ponytail Hairstyles

There's always that one hairstyle we can count on when we don't know what to do with our hair, the humble ponytail. It is no doubt a timeless and iconic hairstyle but this year especially we are obsessed with it.

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1. Folded Ponytail
2. Bubble Ponytail
3. Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail
4. Ponytail Up-Do
5. Low Ponytail

There's always that one hairstyle we can count on when we don't know what to do with our hair, the humble ponytail. We can always turn to this style whether it's for running errands or going on a Sunday walk, it never disappoints us. It is no doubt a timeless and iconic hairstyle but this year especially we are obsessed with it. This year we have transformed from the standard ponytail to the sleek high ponytail, an iconic hairstyle popularised by model, Bella Hadid. There is something for everyone with the ponytail we all know and love, from the finest of hair to the most unruly curly hair, they can work for everyone.

Folded Ponytail

How can I make my ponytail look less boring?

Why not take a step back from your standard elastic ponytail and try this elegant, flat ponytail? Wearing hair elastics daily can snap strands of the hair, causing hair breakage and hair loss. Your hair deserves more than that, try these French Handmade luxury hair clips to prevent this before it's too late. Each hair clip is made with a strong steel clasp and the biodegradable material, cellulose acetate to hold your hair throughout the whole day. You can be assured that your ponytail will not be budging, the perfect opportunity to take this folded ponytail from day to night!

To achieve this look gather the hair at the back of the head in a ponytail. Pull the middle of the ponytail up to create a fold, and secure the Large Sophia Hair Claw in the middle just below the hair tie to secure. A practical but stylish ponytail style that not everyone will be wearing!

Bubble Ponytail

How do you do a bubble ponytail?

These on-trend bubble ponytails have been hugely popular recently and it's not hard to see why.

Chic but fun, for those wanting to add a bit more creativity to your hairstyle then this is for you. This is the perfect, heatless style which looks effortlessly good whilst also looks after your hair, what more could you want?

You've probably seen this chic updo all over Instagram and TikTok but what you may not realise is just how easy it is to recreate at home.

Section the hair to create a small ponytail with half of your hair at the top of your head. Secure at the top with the first Limited Edition Mini Hair Claw. Pinch the ponytail approximately 10 centimetres down and secure the second Limited Edition Mini Hair Claw. If you have long and/or thick hair, you may choose to repeat this and secure a third mini hair claw.

Everyone can rock this hairstyle, no matter what hairtype you have and there is no doubt you will attract many compliments!

Hair claws are an easy, versatile accessory to use on a daily basis. This blog goes into more detail on how to use hair claws.

Half-Up Half-Down Ponytail

How could we create the best ponytail hairstyles without including the classic half-up half-down look? Hair claws are the ultimate alternative to using a hair elastic to create ponytails. A fun, damage-free hairstyle that can be used for absolutely any occasion!


To create this style you simply section off the top half of your hair by starting right above your ears and pulling all of the hair up to the crown of your head whilst making sure both sides are even. Open your Medium Hair Claw and secure the half ponytail at the base with it.


For a pop of colour try this claw in the stunning Stained Glass or Opal!

Ponytail Up-Do

How do you do an elegant ponytail?

Chic, elegant and simple. This hair elastic free way of securing your hair looks deceptively complex. The Long Banana Hair Clip is the perfect way to secure a simple mid or high ponytail and add a touch of sophistication. This one is specifically designed to capture especially long hair.

Banana clips are the way forward. The smooth edges on these banana clips go through a three-step polishing process and they are designed to comfortably hold the hair, following the natural shape of your skull. A much healthier alternative to damaging hair elastics.

These may seem a little daunting to begin with, however they couldn't be easier. This blog goes into more depth on how to use banana hair clips. 

Low Ponytail

How do you do a low ponytail?

Sometimes all you want is a simple, classic hairstyle and this low ponytail definitely achieves that look.


At Tegen Accessories we want to provide you with non-damaging hair accessories, one's that don't pull and snag on the hair. These scrunchies are the perfect alternative to using hair elastics. Haircare goes beyond washing and drying it, hair styling is just as important and vital in maintaining the best hair quality.


How to create this look:

Using a hair brush or comb, gently brush the hair back and gather into a low ponytail. Select a By Eloise Silk Scrunchie that matches your outfit choice and secure! To add more security and detail to the look, you may choose to add a couple more scrunchies with different charm designs or colours.


What's your favourite ponytail style? Let us know on our socials! If you would like any help or recommendations for your hair type then please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Care team.

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