Where did the claw clip originate from?

Where did the claw clip originate from?

We all know and love the iconic hair claw clip but few people realise who invented the masterpiece. Read more about where the claw clip originated from and what makes it so popular.

We all know and love the popular claw clip and a lot of us couldn't live without it in our daily hairstyling. But have you ever thought about where it originates from?

We are here to tell you everything you need to know about the humble claw clip. Fashion trends are constantly changing but the claw clip has always been a hit.

Are claw clips back in style?

You might remember the famous claw clip from the late 1990's but since then it has made a triumphant return and we are here for it. The '90s trend is back and bigger than ever! The versatility of claw clips is one of the reasons they were so popular back in the '90s so it is no surprise that they are back on trend and we can't see the trend going anywhere anytime soon.

Claw Clips - No longer that iconic 90's hair accessory

Who invented the claw clip?

Few people realise the significance of the claw clip but most importantly who invented the masterpiece. Christian Potut came up with the brilliant idea of the iconic claw clip in 1989, suitable for all hair types and textures.

"One day I kept crossing and uncrossing my fingers," says Christian. "And that's when I had my lightbulb moment. I said to myself: 'I sell combs and clips, why don't I combine the two?'" By combining both, he created the recognisable hair claw.

As you may know this was a complete success with the claw clip still trending over 30 years later.

Where does the claw clip come from?

The claw clip was born in the heart of France, Oyonnax. In1986 Christian's company opened its first factory in the town Oyonnax which is where our family-run manufacturuer, of only 15 employees, have been making French clips since 1892 and they have been following the current trends ever since, including the iconic claw clip. As a small hair accessory company we take pride in knowing our claw clips are made in the same town as they were invented in.

France is historically the birthplace of luxury. Some of the worlds biggest luxury fashion houses were born in France and continue to guide the fashion industry with craftsmenship that captures the world. France also has a history of making the best hair clips in the world. Going back to 1630 when the King of France named the town, Oyonnax, where our clips are made the exclusive supplier of hair clips to France. France is therefore known for making the best hair accessories in the world. This is why we chose to have our hair accessory designs brought to life in France, bringing a touch of something special, valueable and unique into the lives of our customers.

For a more detailed explanantion read this blog on how our hair clips are made. 

Why are claw clips so popular?

The beauty of claw clips is their versatility. They are so functional yet so fashionable.

There is a reason you keep seeing these chic hair claws all over TikTok and on your favourite runway models.

We can't get enough of them and that's why we have a large variety of claw clips in our collection. They cover all hair types and can be used for any hairstyle.

For styling inspiration and hair tutorials this blog goes into more detail on how to use hair claws.

At Tegen Accessories we have a wide range of hair claws that work for all of our customers. Take a look at our best selling claw clips for over a decade. These trusted claw clips will not fail you and your hair.

What are the benefits of hair claws?

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Hair claw clips for all hair types

Why are big claws so popular right now?

Whether you have thick, curly hair, or fine, straight hair, there is a hair claw that will work for you. Hair claws can be used to create a variety of hairstyles, from a simple half-up, half-down look to a more intricate updo. They are also great for adding volume and texture to your hair.

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