'Catwalk' 55cm Ponytail Hair Piece


The New Balmain Catwalk Ponytail is made with Balmain’s Memory®Hair, developed by backstage stylists, is considered the ultimate backstage secret. These amazing ultra long ponytails have been spotted on the fashion catwalk numerous times and are one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the year! Made of 100% Memory®Hair, this lightweight piece can be heat styled up to 160° and will keep its shape until heat styled again. Quick, easy and fashionable: the must-have hairpiece. 

To use put your own hair in a ponytail elastic and insert the small comb attached into the elastic, then twist the excess hair around the ponytail and secure with the Velcro fastening. This ponytail is really easy to use, and creates a stylish and natural looking ponytail. 

Instant 55cm Ponytail


Heat Style up to 160 degrees

Holds Shape Until Heat Styled Again. 

Velcro application

Available in 9 colour shades

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